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Root canals are procedures that can save a tooth without having to perform an extraction, or having the tooth pulled. Oftentimes, infected and inflamed gums can cause an abscess or periodontal disease, which damages the tooth’s pulp. At Hoeg Dental Group, our root canal in Rocky Point is done in our offices in a clean and sterile environment. Patients may return home after the procedure and rest as they heal from this short and simple procedure.

Many patients ask what a root canal in Rocky Point entails. Deep inside the tooth lies a soft inner tissue called the pulp. Once a tooth has matured it is able to survive without the pulp by receiving nourishment from the surrounding tissues, and the pulp inside is surrounded by a layer called dentin. The dentin resides above the gum line and is protected by enamel on this layer. Below the gum line, the dentin is covered by a layer called cementum. If the pulp opens it is exposed to bacteria and other things that can cause it to decay. A cavity forms which then begins to destroy the protective layers of enamel. If the inflammation and infection are left for too long, an abscess can form, which is a pus filled area of tissue. If you believe that you have an abscess, you should schedule an appointment immediately to have us check your teeth and see if you need a root canal.

Sometimes, the inner pulp of the tooth can be damaged due to different factors. Periodontal disease or damage to the tooth can cause cracks or breakage. In many cases, once the pulp has been damaged, it is not always necessary to pull the tooth. A root canal in Rocky Point can remove the damaged pulp and return the tooth to a healthier state. The healing process is usually quick and painless. If an abscess has formed, healing may take longer, with some cases lasting up to two years. This is why it is important for all patients to schedule their annual cleaning to ensure that gum disease is not present. Teeth and inner pulp should be in healthy condition. Preventive care can go a long way in making sure the teeth and gum area are maintained and kept disease free.

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