Rocky Point laser dentist

Rocky Point Laser Dentist

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If you are looking for a dental practice that is truly state-of-the-art, you will want to become a patient of our dental practice, Hoeg Dental Group. Our Rocky Point laser dentist will be able to treat you with Biolase laser dentistry; just one of our laser dentists is Dr. Charles R. Hoeg.

At our dental practice, we know that it is important to remain state-of-the-art in terms of technology and procedures that are performed by our dentist. This way our patients will be able to get the very best treatments available while they remain in total comfort. This gives our patients the greatest chance of having a successful and completely comfortable dental procedure. We are very proud to be able to provide our patients treatment with Biolase laser technology. Our Rocky Point laser dentist uses this laser technology to provide patients with several different types of laser treatments. Laser dentistry can be used to correct problems with both hard and soft tissues. Sometimes laser dentistry is used to help uncover a partially erupted wisdom teeth. Lasers can also be used to allow the dentist to get small tissue samples that are needed for a biopsy. Laser dentistry can also be used to drill teeth, assist with tooth-colored fillings, and perform periodontal treatments. There are many important benefits to the patient who is being treated with a laser. When the Biolase laser is used, there is less bleeding, swelling, and discomfort after many different types of procedures. The Biolase laser uses laser-energized water to cut through teeth so that a drill does not need to be used. Since there is no heat or vibration associated with the laser, our patients remain much more comfortable and relaxed. If you are interested in laser treatment at our dental practice, we hope you will contact our office so you can discuss this type of treatment in greater detail.

For an appointment to be seen by our Rocky Point laser dentist, simply contact our office today.

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